work in private collections




misty maples

into the raspberry red horizon




three tulips

Sky diptych

urban-rural perspectives

stay hungry, stay foolish

still life with bowls

joie de vivre 2

food fo thought

voluptuous tulips 1

Tall Hollyhocks

Poppy 4


Misty river

Red barn 3

the light in the window.

ba ba blacksheep

la vie est belle



mist whispers 2

the light in the window.

it is cozy inside

light summer breeze

joie de vivre 2

raspberry poppy




urban playground

deep blue

On the water


intuitive prespective 1

'Thyme in Chelseas

Autumn leaves

lintuitive prespective 8

lintuitive prespective 7

Gatineau Hills

mist whispers

grand espace

Seasons through the trees

together we grow

brilliant autumt

summer green and yellow

delirious with colour

transition season



voluptuous tulips

Shostakovich nr.9 revisited

white tulips in blue vase

reve d'un village 9

morning sun reflected river mist


catching reflections

red roofs and rivermist 1

red roofs and rivermist 2

reve d'un village 1

reve d'un village 2

mist-ical rock

a touch of brown

mist-ical morning mist

mist-ical river

covered bridge and river mist 1

covered bridge and river mist 2

reve d'un village 3

reve d'un village triptych
< br>early morning canoe

healing circles 3

splendour reflected 2



View fom the Harbour Castle

on the other side of the river is vorlage

mistical river

view from Harbour Castle, Toronto


first snow in the gatineau

the light in the cabin

gatineau river bird's eye view

the gatineau landscape on beaversticks

Gatineau river reflections

St. Laurent in winter 2

St. Lawrence in winter 5

ski in the clouds

vineyards in the mist 6

voluptuous tulips 1

Gatineau landscape

landscape squares


birdstory 1

birdstory 3

crow wanting to be colourful

Crow wanting to be french


cozy crows

Crow wanting to be colourful

Crow wanting to be french

contemplating high above the Gatineau


what's up buttercup?

la vie est belle 2


Diane's bird shawl




birdstory 3

yellow grossbeak camouflage

female cardinal camouflage

female cardinal camouflage

souffle de joie

gatineau hills and river dyptich

no boundaries

Where else can they make the earth
blush as much?.........




in front of Marie-France's painting


Tulips in Vase........

connections 8

the knitted hat

connection 11

connection 7

"Nacht Wacht"

first snow on Mont Tremblant

the more we talk the more...... we knit

tthe felted scarf_____

show and tell___

under the tulip painting_____

river reflections

vivid tranquility

alpine snow formations 1

Gatineau river 3

beaver paddle

it's all about water, paddle project

a touch of orange

Mont Tremblant in autum

rolling tulip fields in B.C.

reve d'un village

comforting the city 1

comforting the city 2

the buoy

splendour reflected 1

reflections in the lake

Quebec, c'est l'hiver

Erotica show entry

pants down......or...

are you happy to see me?



Red Barns and Marjolijn

Red barn 1

Red Barn 2 Detail

River barn in summer

Red barn 4

Red barn 5

Meech Valley

Barn with the funny roof

Barn with the funny roof

Mont St. Anne

La ferme longue, Isle d'Orleans

the mist is rising diptycht


vibrant tulips

voluptuous tulips 2

after Gauguin

Pink Primulas

Hollyhocks 2

red amaryllis

White Amaryllisl

Matisse and the turtle

tulips, white or pink or both

red, green on blue

voluptuous tulips 2

Matisse and the turtle



Wakefield by night

Camp Fortune

Gatineau Reflections


Gatineau 3b

The Mist is Rising

Gatineau River 2

River Mist

Gatineau Landscape 2

Gatineau Landscape 3

Quiet river Wakefield

The Wakefield Bridge

Quebec winter landscape 1b

Farm Isle d'Orleans 1b

Farm Isle d'Orleans 2b

Farm Isle d'Orleans 3b

La Dole in winter

Vineyards in the mist6

Vineyards in sprin

Fechy in November

Luins vineyards

Vineyards in the mist1

Cows near Gruyere

Mont Blanc

Canadian winter Ontario 1

Canadian winter Ontario 2

Centennial School


Yellow tulips

tulips diptych

Judith Leyster Tulip

Open Tulip

voluptuous tulips 1

poppy reborn

Transparent poppy 2

Tulips in Urn

Hengstenburg tulip

hyacinth blues

Poppy 3

Poppy 5

Poppy 6

poppy 4



helleborus orientalis

helleborus orientalis and niger, christmas rose
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